GCM Integration Update

We have updated our documentation to handle the new Google Cloud Messaging service. Google recently deprecated the C2DM platform requiring developers to find a new push notification solution. Check out the documentation to begin using this exciting new messaging platform. Sending messages to Android phones and devices has never been easier.

Apple APNS

Send messages to iOS devices. Included App Delegate source code makes integration quick and painless. View users, send message and update badge.

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Google GCM

Send messages to Google Play devices. All you need to do is edit the Manifest and add the receiver files. Take control of your google infrastructure fast and simply.

GCM Details »

Robust Cloud API

Redundant cloud architecture with dynamic service scaling ensures 99.99% uptime. Complete REST API with XML or JSON data output makes integrating into any application easy. Full source code is included for easy app integration.

API Documentation »

Energize your apps

Reliable server platforms based on the same architecture as Remote Queries. Redundant cloud server hosting for any size application. Virtual Private Servers

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